Day Two

My left ear is sore from a 30- minute phone conversation with my friend Minapearl.

She called for travel advice. See, I was in Rome for two weeks during the summer break (for a student congress and the canonization of Saint John XXIII and Saint John Paul II), and now she’s flying to Madrid for Bishop Alvaro’s beatification. After Madrid, her group will be travelling to Rome and spend a week there.

Aside from answering her questions regarding the climate, exchange rate, and souvenir shopping, I gave her some advice – something new since it’s usually the other way around. First, I asked her not to obsess over taking photos. The most important element of a memory is the experience of the memory itself. If what one takes home is the experience of repeatedly clicking the camera instead of drinking with one’s own eyes the beauty of, say, the Pieta, what a waste that would be. Second, I told her not post anything on Facebook while she’s there. The product of such activity will be a carefully worded Facebook status with artificial and shallow emotions. There’s also the tendency for it to be a despicably cliché brag post. Third, I asked her to enjoy Europe. To elaborate is to be superfluous.

I’m excited for her, and I’m excited for all my other friends who will be flying tomorrow and in the coming days.

PS. It used to be my dream to go to Rome. Now it’s my dream to go to Europe with my family. Sounds corny and cliché, but to be human is to be corny and cliché.

❤ Ria



Day One

… and hopefully, there will be Day Two to Day N.

We better watch out and be sure to try because if we don’t, whole families can live in one house and not even know it. Even in a small house like ours.

So the mother starts an online journal of sorts, and hopes that the rest of them get on and get this thing moving.

Because when we share our thoughts, we share our lives.


Even the dog agrees.
The dog agrees.

🙂 Marcia